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      "The man who made this piece of art began drawing five years ago. Even more impressive: he taught himself, without the help of any teacher or tutorial."


      Instagram Interview with Alex Suskind

      To start, can I get your full name, age and where you’re from?
      Alfred Basha, 25 years old. I was born in Albania, I live in Treviso, Italy.

      What’s your background / how did you get into art?
      It's not a long time that I draw illustrations.
I started about 5 years ago, by chance. I have always loved art in all its aspects.
At a certain point in my life I was looking for new challenges, and I focused on illustrations.
I am a self-taught, I didn't study any art subjects and I didn't follow any academic artistic path.

      How would you say your style has developed over time?
      I like to use only two elements: pen and paper (sometimes watercolor) without any other drawing tools because in this way it would have been much easier to improve my style.
Looking at my old drawings and my first drafts that I have in my studio, I can say that my current illustrations have more details but are cleaner and minimal.
In all these years I tried to define my stile as much as possible, finding and using the perfect pen to shape my illustrations.

      What would you say is your defining characteristic as an artist?
      In my works I always try to open a meditative passage to give a glimpse of my inner world, full of surreal projections and metamorphosis.

My poetics shapes imaginary stories using the pen and the paper, chosen for their intrinsic and primordial expressiveness.

      What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as an artist?
      My biggest challenge has started 5 years ago, when I took in my hand the pen for the first time.
 I didn't attend any artistic course and I started with no help of anyone. It has been and it's nowadays a huge challenge because I always try to improve.

      Nature obviously plays a major part in your work. Is there a particular reason for that?
      Nature has a main role in my projects, especially animals because I like to represent their feelings.
As you can see in my illustrations, I prefer wild animals because they are out of the human control. This fact fascinates me because they are out of our reach and try to get into their minds with my imagination. I like to represent them in their habitat to give strenght to their primordial expressivity.

      I love how you morph natural images into one another. Can you walk me through the thought process behind this sketch?
      This illustration represents the growth of our cut with the nature. The Wolf is the best creature to express what I mean because of his nearness to our being: as he use to live in a pack he also nestle in his loneliness, like we do. At the same time he communicates using the body-language the nature provided him of: the sadness and the fear in his eyes, for example, are caused from the man's bad acts that are destroying his home. Above his head, mountains, trees: it's his habitat that's slowly fading out by our actions; the birds symbolize the get-away towards a new place to stay and to live. The birds on the lower part represent the duty of the man to return living in harmony with the nature; the same nature which gave hime the life and where the life comes from.

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